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About the Ride for PTSD

About the Ride for PTSD

Veteran Suicide Prevention Resources

I’m doing a 22 in 22 Challenge for Stop Soldier Suicide!

22in22RideLogoSign2x272dpi3jpgI’m teaching 22 meditation classes in 22 cities as part of my Ride for PTSD. I’m raffling off the bike and trailer I’m using for the Ride and tickets are $22 each. 100% of the money goes directly to Stop Soldier Suicide.

Please check out the campaign for details and join my 22 in 22 Fundraising Team and help spread the word.

ridelogofinal jpg 72dpi 200x200I’m Greg Smith. Ride for PTSD is a PTSD awareness and fund raising project. I’m using my books and speaking tour to raise money for Stop Soldier Suicide.


There are 600,000 vets being treated for PTSD by the VA. There are over 6,000,000 veterans on the waiting list for treatment and those are just the vets who have come forward and asked for help.

Since 2001 about 8,000 American service people have been killed in combat tours, yet here at home over 10,000 veterans commit suicide EACH YEAR while trapped in the torment of PTSD!

The statistics show that 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. Suicide statistics are always under reported and do not include suicide by cop or automobile, suicides without a note and several other categories that dilute the actual cost of the war here at home.

The U.S. government simply does not have the resources or the interest in fixing this problem and it’s up to ‘We the People’ to take care of one another.

My job is to help the people, who help the people with PTSD. I raise money, give lectures, teach meditation classes and create income streams that support the work that people around the country are doing to help our besieged veterans as well as those tortured with Civilian PTSD.

The Short Version of My Story

I had a small publishing company before the economy crashed and then I spent 3 years working 20 hour days trying to recover it. I then had 40 years of undiscovered civilian PTSD misdiagnosed as Bipolar II and then spent 28 months overdosed on the wrong drugs and another 18 months in recovery (so far). I saw nearly 20 doctors and was on almost 20 different drugs over a 4 year period during which time I lost my home, family and literally everything I owned.

After 18 months of ‘professional help’ I was semi-homeless (in Denver in the winter) living in a ’78 Dodge van that wouldn’t crank and making it on $65 a week selling plasma. It took 18 months to dig out of that during which time I was locked up for 3 weeks in a mental institution and spent yet another 6 months on the wrong drugs even after literally begging the doctors to look for something other than Bipolar.

What I’m Doing About It

I’m leaving Santa Monica Pier in April, 2016 on a bicycle headed to the Redwoods National Park (about 1,000 miles). Along the way I’ll be leading meditation and Reiki sessions as well as giving presentations to local groups on PTSD and stress management.

perf6.000x9.000.inddI donate 75% of the net profits from my books (3 Easy Meditation Tools that can Change Your Life! and Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity) as well as my 4 meditation CD’s, to the PTSD Charity of the Month.

In addition to Amazon money and funds raised by book sales and donations I’m also holding a Charity Bike Raffle for the bike and trailer I’m using on the Ride for PTSD. Tickets are $10 each for the bike and trailer ($20 for both) and my goal is to raise $10,000 for a PTSD charity during the ride.

I’m also posting, as time allows, donation buttons on my website so you can donate directly to the charities you want to support.

Watch Greg’s Blog for updates on the trip progress.

Accepting Donations?

Several people have asked if I can take donations for the ride and of course the answer is “Yes, I’m happy to and I appreciate all the help I can get and thank you very much and do you have a friend who might want to help also?” 🙂

This project is based in some of the concepts from Jose Silva (Don’t worry about money, just do good work and allow the Universe to respond with support) and Robert Kiyosaki (The best way to get what you want is to find others with the same need and then fulfill that need for them, you get yours automatically in the process).

Rather than posting a ‘Donate’ button for The Ride for PTSD (other than replacing stolen gear, short term) I’m making my Easy Meditation Collection of over 5 hours of Guided Meditation MP3’s available on a donation basis. It’s instantly downloadable and you can get it right now. Any buttons here that say ‘Donation’ are buttons that go directly to a charity. My goal is to make the Ride for PTSD as self funding as possible. I really appreciate your help with that.

I prefer making the Easy Meditation Collection available on a donation basis because it leaves all the big questions up to the Universe. Some folks won’t be able to afford anything at all but can make good use of the meditations while others will prefer to donate more. In the long run I believe it balances out very well. Either way I sincerely appreciate all the help and assistance that’s begun flowing for this project.

Here’s what I can offer (in addition to my basic mission of fighting PTSD);

The Easy Meditation Collection – 5 Hours of Guided Meditation Exercises and Music. I don’t charge but gratefully put any donations to work immediately. See what it includes and the story here… If you want to kick in a few bucks for beans, bike tubes and bud then you can add your own amount here and it’s very much appreciated.

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Buy a Raffle Ticket for the Bike and Trailer from the Ride for PTSD

I’m selling raffle tickets for the bike and trailer I’m using for the Ride for PTSD. They’re $22 for 1 entry and 100% of the money goes to this project. My goal is to self fund with book and digital download donations and save the raffle for the Stop Soldier Suicide 22 in 22 Campaign.

Buy Now Button with Credit Cards


Advertise on the Ride for PTSD website

Have your 125×250 ad on the Ride for PTSD Sidebar for 1 month – $50. 1st come first served.

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Watch for a few more options and ideas shortly. Thanks for anything you’re able to do.

About Me

GregSmithI’m an author, Reiki Master and meditation teacher.

I was in the Army and Navy, been certified as an EMT, Rescue Diver, Advanced First Aid Instructor, CPR Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Interpretive Guide.

Me-FSI’ve also been professionally trained in Wilderness Survival, Mountain Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire Suppression, Outdoor Leadership, Video Production, Video Editing, Script Writing, Magazine Writing, Grant Writing and Herbology.

In 2013 I volunteered 700 hours, about 6 months full time, as a video producer for a Colorado school district to get my video editing skills updated so watch for trip videos as the Ride for PTSD progresses.