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Welcome to Ronin’s Outpost!

I’m Greg Smith. Ronin’s Outpost is a PTSD awareness and fund raising project. I’m using my books, tours, classes and speaking tour to raise money for Stop Soldier Suicide and other PTSD charities.

I’m accepting donations with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the charity. My goal is to help raise awareness about PTSD and help develop a large funnel of money and support for the PTSD charities.

I learned Meditation, Reiki, Kundalini Awakening and Qi Qong on a warrior path rather than the more common New Age Healer path, so some of this may be a bit jarring to a conventional consciousness. My mentors and teachers were all fighters and I was trapped in a war in my head since I was 6 years old so in some ways I never even had a chance to begin developing a different perspective til my late 40’s.

It’s imperative that visitors here understand the difference between real violence and ADULT PLAY. If you can’t tell the difference and everything here looks like a way to kill people then the problem is NOT other people. I firmly believe that we are living in an increasingly peaceful Universe, but it’s been along trip. These are the tools that are helping me get there.

Books & Projects

I donate 75% of the net profits from my books, Digital Downloads and Events to the PTSD charities I’m sponsoring.

3 Easy Meditation Tools that can Change Your Life! – When the doctors misdiagnosed my PTSD as Bipolar and overdosed me on the wrong drugs they not only scrambled my brain and wiped my memory, they dropped all the boundaries in my head and left me trapped naked and defenseless in there with all the things I’d been keeping locked away for decades. For 5 years all I could do were the Qi Qong exercises Grounding, Skin Breathing and The Secret Smile and those only sporadically. Each exercise requires one to allow the energy in your body to move in certain places and sequences. The only reason I could do them was because I had done them for 25 years and it was built into my system enough to do it by muscle memory when my brain was literally anesthitized.

In 3 Easy Meditation Tools that can Change Your Life! you’ll learn how to do those exercises as well as all the stuff you’ll need to learn first before you try. The exercises in this book will change how you live and how you look at the world but it can be up to you after that whether it gets better or worse. Download it now as an eBook, donations greatly appreciated.

The Easy Meditation Collection – In 2006 I recorded the exercises from my 1st book (and this includes all the exercises that are in 3 Easy Meditation Tools that can Change Your Life!) and put them on 4 CD’s which sold nicely on Amazon.com for awhile. I make them available here on a donation basis as an instant digital download with 75% of the proceeds going to the PTSD Charity of the Month. Get it right now.

The easy to use Guided Meditations on this download will allow you to clear and calm your mind, see and feel energy and the aura, use Reiki for healing ourself and others and much more.

Included is the Timed Meditation Music Tracks CD with timed meditation music from 5 minutes to 30, which allows you to relax and meditate without worrying about the time, just come back to Earth when the music stops.

The ABC’s of EFT for PTSD (coming in June, 2017) – The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a system that allows one to take direct control of your brain’s programming. In The ABC’s of EFT for PTSD you’ll see how I used EFT for radical healing. If I can identify a problem well enough to tap on it then I can make that problem go completely away or be very noticeably reduced within 24 hours. See the EFT Resource section at my website for more details.

Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity is the manual for my free affiliate program. Download it today and learn how to Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity. Every community in this country has the ability to generate its own power, grow its own food and fund its own schools and charities, because we do it already! Learn how to take control of that process in your community and create and develop your own fundraisers, build your networks and start your own small business with no investment and use that business to raise money for charity.

In Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity you’ll have access to the tools, techniques, products and concepts to allow you to develop multiple streams of online and offline passive income. Learn how to network effectively and use the unlimited profit generating potential of your small business to make a difference in your community directly.


Mental Illness, Meditation and Medical Marijuana is a resource for those branded, justly or not, as ‘mentally ill’. PTSD is NOT a mental illness, it is a PSYCHOLOGICAL INJURY. An illness and an injury are not treated the same way for a reason.

In Mental Illness, Meditation and Medical Marijuana you’ll find tools and resources to help you on your journey to wellness. I also go into great detail on my experience using Cannabis as a shamanic, healing drug rather than a party toy.

Meditation and Reiki Classes – Coming in February, 2017 in the greater Los Angeles area. Learn to clear and calm your mind, use Reiki for yourself and others and gain greater control over your life. Meditation and Reiki are simple, easy to learn and useful for everyone.

I’ll be leading Edible and Medicinal Plant Tours, Basic Backpacking and giving wildlife presentations on a donation basis so watch the Event Schedule to see where I am and when I’ll be where you are.

Ronin’s Outpost Training Facility

Ronin’s Outpost is also an airsoft based mobile training facility for those interested in self healing, self development and who enjoy shooting people in a safe, sane and karmically balanced environment. I have airsoft guns, gear and accessories for sale with 75% of the net profit going to PTSD charities. I carry a limited selection, but I make good deals and your purchases directly help others like you.

Airsoft (air guns that shoot 6mm plastic BB’s) and Milsim (Military Simulation) have been proven helpful to military veterans as well as civilians struggling with PTSD, violent imagery and intrusive thoughts. For me personally just researching airsoft and Milsim helped me rearrange a lot of the nightmare imagery in my head into a fun and safe form of adult play.

Zombie Hunter 101 is a modular cirriculum for those who want to learn to clear and calm your mind while learning to shoot, move and communicate. Using scenario-based Live Action Roleplay (LARP) you’ll learn the basics of rifle and pistol proficiency, radios and communications, First Aid, navigation, patrolling and team tactics in a safe and fun environment where you get to wear body armor and shoot everyone. It’s very stress relieving if done right. Watch for more on my Zombie Hunter 101 books and classes coming shortly.

Medical Marijuana saved my life (many times). It has given me the ability to get past the extreme physical pain as well as the extreme mental and emotional damage and actually deal with the root problems that were causing me to be such a visciously nasty son of a bitch my whole life, although I’m having a hard time convincing anyone of that in general. You’ll see more about how to use cannabis as a healing tool here also.

Ronin’s Rogues – My affiliate program allows anyone to join for free and make a commission out to 6 levels, with no investment. I provide the tools, training and products to allow anyone to instantly start their own business with no investment and then use that business to raise money for charity. The manual for Ronin’s Rogues is called Get Paid to Raise Money for Charity and it will be available again shortly.

My job is to create a healing environment and make the tools and resources available to as many of those who need them as possible. I am not a Bodhisattva, have no interest in saving all the people and I would really, really like to go to Africa and hunt gorilla poachers, so this is not a fluffy New Age meditation/Reiki site. It’s a place to get the tools and develop the skillsets to win the war in your head.


There are 600,000 vets being treated for PTSD by the VA. There are over 6,000,000 veterans on the waiting list for treatment and those are just the vets who have come forward and asked for help.

Since 2001 about 8,000 American service people have been killed in combat tours, yet here at home over 10,000 veterans commit suicide EACH YEAR while trapped in the torment of PTSD!



The statistics show that 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. Suicide statistics are always under reported and do not include suicide by cop or automobile, suicides without a note and several other categories that dilute the actual cost of the war here at home.

The U.S. government simply does not have the resources or the interest in fixing this problem and it’s up to ‘We the People’ to take care of one another.

My job is to help the people, who help the people with PTSD. I raise money, give lectures, teach meditation classes and create income streams that support the work that people around the country are doing to help our besieged veterans as well as those tortured with Civilian PTSD.

The Short Version of My Story

I was starting a small publishing company when the economy crashed and then I spent 3 years working 20 hour days trying to recover it. Then I had 40 years of undiscovered civilian PTSD misdiagnosed as Bipolar II and then spent 54 months overdosed on drugs that cause hallucinations. I saw nearly 20 doctors and was on almost 20 different drugs over a 4.5 year period during which time I lost my home, family and literally everything I owned.

After 18 months of ‘professional help’ I was semi-homeless (in Denver in the winter) living in a ’78 Dodge van that wouldn’t crank and making it on $65 a week selling plasma. It took 36 months to dig out of that during which time I was locked up for 3 weeks in a mental institution and spent yet another 14 months on the wrong drugs even after literally begging the doctors to look for something other than Bipolar.

Today I am healing and moving forward enough to find ways to help other people; although I still have days when I am simply unable to function or even move very much.

What I’m Doing About It

perf6.000x9.000.inddI donate 75% of the net profits from my books and projects to the PTSD Charity of the Month while aggressively helping as many people as possible understand about the PTSD epidemic.

As more research reveals more people with civilian and combat PTSD the current, already overmatched, resources are going to be even harder for people to gain access to.

I also accept donations and sell products at my speaking events for various PTSD charities with 100% of those donations and profits going directly to the charity.

Funding Ronin’s Outpost

This project is based in some of the concepts from Jose Silva (Don’t worry about money, just do good work and allow the Universe to respond with support) and Robert Kiyosaki (The best way to get what you want is to find others with the same need and then fulfill that need for them, you get yours automatically in the process).

Ronin’s Outpost is a for profit retail and training company but I use a different business model. My Digital Downloads literally create a range of products with almost a ‘0’ Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and I have long since recouped what ‘development costs’ I’m going to, so I can send those products out on a donation basis and allow people to respond as they see appropriate.

I prefer making the Easy Meditation Collection and the ebooks available on a donation basis because it leaves all the big questions up to the Universe. Some folks won’t be able to afford anything at all but can make good use of the meditations while others will prefer to donate more for their own reasons. In the long run I believe it balances out very well. Either way I sincerely appreciate all the help and assistance that’s begun flowing for this project.

Hard goods like books, airsoft guns and gear and anything else with a COGS will have a slight percentage to help cover Ronin’s Outpost expenses and a slightly larger markup to send to a charity. Every time I sell a gun an angel gets it’s wings.

About Me

I’m an author, Reiki Master and meditation teacher.

I was in the Army and Navy, been certified as an EMT, Rescue Diver, Advanced First Aid Instructor, CPR Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Interpretive Guide.

I’ve also been professionally trained in Wilderness Survival, Mountain Search and Rescue, Wildland Fire Suppression, Outdoor Leadership, Video Production, Video Editing, Script Writing, Magazine Writing, Grant Writing and Herbology.

In 2013 I volunteered 700 hours, about 6 months full time, as a video producer for a Colorado school district to get my video editing skills updated so watch for trip videos as the Ride for PTSD progresses.


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